Sunday, November 18, 2012

Retouch Photos and Reincarnate Their Personality

At times, a normal picture will never strike any attention; retouch photos and it will give a piquant punch and make them more prominent. Retouching is undoubtedly treated as a technique to reincarnate the photos personality.

Digital captures are always stunning when captured at effective lighting and angles. This, of course, is not enough in the new era of digital manipulations. One can spend worthy time in retouching obligatory areas of the image to make it look more focused depending on the content. Let’s peep into some of the techniques that create magic in not so exquisite photos.

Thump the spirit:

There are few images that are very motivational in their ingredients. Photos like the winning shot of a high-tension final match can bring mixed emotions among the supporters. When such captures are treated with special retouch methods, they will look legend and unforgettable among enthusiasts. Retouch photos with simple Photoshop techniques like stroke and outer glow will create an illusion that the sporting hero is powered with magical influence.

It requires an efficient digital device to capture a sporting event. The output should be void of shaggy trails and blurred portion. Concentrate now on the protagonist of the photo and draw the path with the pen tool covering the athletic act of him. Clip him off and paste in a new layer to add the desired effect. Apply stroke effect with an apt color that can match the background contrastingly. Use the outer glow to enhance the colored border of the athlete. Decorate more with blurring parameters and make him a super hero. An outer glowing effect spiced with blur will create a thump in the image.

Digital Flashback:

Retro images have a cult following. People in general have an obsession towards period photos. Those pictures talk a lot about the time and culture in which they were captured. Use the hue and saturation effect to increase the retro color contents. Slide the saturation bar to make the image look more like a single colored either beige or grayscale to get the desired effect. Retouch the photos with more filters of brushes and light effects to make photo look retro and legendary.  

Color precision:

Retouch photos to create new and vibrant colors that actually not captured in the photos. The technique is used to remove the inglorious look and spice up the image with sparkling toppings. Does the color of the t-shirt bringing down the feel of the photo? Never mind, just change it to a beautiful shade with photo retouching. Use hue and saturation slides to change the color of desired choice. Make use of the color balance to recommend a vivacious color of choice. Use brightness to hide other portions of image and mask it with the source photo.

Retouch photos to achieve scores of effects. From colors to lights, from futuristic to retro and what not? Imagine and unleash with high-end tools to accomplish the dreams. Invent jaw-dropping effects, as image editing is not bound to rules but to innovations.  The superiority of the photo lies in the hands of editor who chooses the right effect to add the zest to the illustrations. Glanced some of the many retouch effects; one can’t deny that retouching is reincarnation of the photo.


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