Friday, June 28, 2013

Exclusive Image Retouching Services for Premium Fashion Photography

Did you ever think that good makeup; proper lighting and a perfect background were the only things that ruled the fashion photography industry. Think again because Image Retouching Services constitute all these and much more to the glamour industry.

As the fashion industry is one of the leading industries today, so is the photography sector of the fashion industry. Portfolios, albums, magazines, etc. which contain the photos of the flawless girls and boys, cannot be made today without the help of image retouching services. Makeup can make someone look fair or dark, but it cannot alter the face structure of the person. It cannot provide the perfect abs and built up body to models, unless they strive from them. It cannot lengthen someone’s legs, or make someone’s hair look more bright and shiny. All these demands can be met by image retouching services.

Photoshop continues to be the leader of the image retouching arena, but there are also many other applications, which provide image-enhancing effects. The camera from which the photo is taken also determines the quality of the pictures. The background can be changed through Photoshop.

The overall mood of the photos taken, the color contrast, the background and the brightness of the photo, all depend on the photo editor. There are certain cases where hours are spent on editing, but the picture is just not getting a satisfactory effect. Too much of editing may also spoil the photo. There have also been cases where the original picture looks better than the edited picture. Thus, the editor must have an eye for the right colors and contrasts for the right type of image and the purpose for which it is being edited. The dedication and patience of the photo editor is the decisive point of how the edited picture will turn out to be.

There are also many applications available, where photos can be edited and retouched automatically, or by following some simple steps. Also, with the social media being so prevalent, seeing their online profiles picks up many potential models. Therefore, many people choose to edit their pictures themselves, and make sure that all their pictures look perfect, so that they do not miss any chance of coming into the limelight.

There are many institutions, which provide for fashion photography courses, and image retouching is a part of their curriculum. Clipping paths, Photo masking, Image enhancement are other methods, which help in photo editing. Photos that are edited have a completely different effect than the unedited ones.
Human retouching is not the only aspect of image retouching. The subject may be anything, from a flower to a mountain, from a lifeless object to wildlife; anything and everything can be captured in a photo and retouched to give it a completely new look. While the basic rule still remains that simplicity is the ultimate beauty, and that the subtler the image, the better it is, editors can be as creative as they want and let their imagination go wild while editing.

The first impression is the last impression, and it is very intently believed in image retouching, especially in fashion photography, and editors try to put their best foot forward in making every picture look perfect.