Friday, February 21, 2014

Retouching Models Should be Done Within Ethical Boundaries

Travelers going to work along the highway invariably see images of beautiful models in advertisements and start discussing about them. This gives rise to a debate as to whether photo retouching is a healthy practice for the common man to follow. When resorting to photo retouching, it should be done within the limits of social responsibilities.  

It is a commonplace occurrence for people to view sprawling advertisements lining the highway, while they go to work. A model displayed with her ivory skin and clear face, in the advertisement becomes the talking point for young and old alike. In hindsight, one can think that these are not original photos but manipulated versions touched and retouched using sophisticated software. It is said, “It is all in the looks” and therefore advertisements are touched and retouched to look beautiful and life like. Thus, a white skin turns rosy while a slim body turns size zero in our quest for that perfect look.

Retouching models is commonplace in the field of photography. All super models and popular showgirls are being touched up for professional reasons. Since this software comes free of cost, we use it to create a near perfect smile or an attractive pout. However, a point of debate doing the rounds of modeling circles is whether sophisticated software should be used to make a model look more attractive and eye-catching. Superficially, the answer to this question comes in the affirmative, but on deep thought, one concludes that its rampant use for manipulating models can encourage complexes in the young minds of today. 

Retouching models to lighten their skin tones, models give out the message that it is not fashionable to look dark. A conservative society is already holding a lot of prejudices and such things make matters worse. Looking at manipulated models of size zero models, young girls also want to ape them, caring little for their own health and well being. Some even go on unhealthy crash diets to obtain this size zero figures. Therefore, models have to weigh the disadvantages before they resort to enhancement of their models using photo retouching. Although, fashion dictates many things, models should be aware of the detrimental effects of their actions.

The retouching should only be resorted to if a model has to get a portfolio made or if there is some kind of competition. Models should refrain from conveying wrong notions to the outside world, by their constant use of photo retouching. Models should use this technique only after ensuring that they are not promoting unhealthy practices for the world to follow. Looking at their actions, normal citizens also start thinking that the skin and body should be flawless and therefore they go to unimaginable extents in aping the models in getting their skin and body clean.

Thus retouching should be resorted to only if there is a make or break situation in front of the model. Moreover, models should get their images retouched for good rather than for enhancing their beauty by artificial means. If they do it for hiding burn marks or covering pimples, then it is considered acceptable, but if they do it to cover their dark skin, then they are propagating the idea that being dark is not fashionable, to the world, which is a strict no-no. Therefore, retouching should only be done to within the extent of maintaining social responsibilities.