Friday, June 22, 2012

The Magic of Image Retouch for Attractive Eyes

Removal of red eye effect and general enhancement to the eye color can be successfully made with the help of image retouch. It can give an image a complete makeover.

The charm of the eyes can never be underestimated. Most viewers look at this facial feature first in any picture. Photographs may lack the exotic quality if the eyes seem to be dull due to the impact of flaws in digital photography. Despite the huge advantages of digital photographs there may be apparent flaws, which may ruin an entire image. The eyes, for example may look blurred due to the light conditions. The reddening of the eyes in digital photography may ruin the exuberance of an image. There may be an entire gamut of photographs, which may lose their impact due to the red eye effect of digital photographs. Flaws that spoil the natural beauty of the eyes may render a photograph gravely unattractive.

Image retouching can help in removing the flaws in the eyes, which occur while clicking the photograph. Image retouch can help eradicate the red eye effect completely. It can also enhance the beauty of the eyes so that the image looks more aesthetic and splendid. The vast array of techniques available in photo editing can make the eyes look attractive and give a whole new dimension to any persona. 

The image enhancement services of photo editing experts provide full support in removing the aberration in the eyes of a person in an image. Besides the removal of flaws in the eyes, the color can be manipulated to give a good look and feel to the image. It is all made possible by the use of the tools available with image retouching. The images which need to be edited to remove red eye impact in images or for the general enhancement of eye color can be given to photo editors who with their expertise will provide a whole new lease of life to the images with the help of image retouch.

Many are using image retouching for attractive eyes. Beauty contestants, for example, might want to leave no stone unturned in their quest for the pageant title. There may be several pictures, which have an overall attractive look to them but due to slight aberrations in the eyes they may not be a good choice for showcasing in the portfolio. With the help of image retouch such images can be worked upon with the help of image enhancement tools and the eyes can be modified to pose the zenith of attraction. 

The use of image retouch for making the eyes look more attractive in images has the potential to bring an image to a refreshingly new life. The use of image enhancement must be savored to preserve the beauty of the eyes. Eyes are an essential part of the body and hold the potential to make or break an image. With the help of image retouching techniques under photo editing, the distortions in the eyes arising from digital photography can be removed. The red eye effect can be eradicated and the eye color be enhanced. Image retouching for making the eyes attractive is a vital tool for improving the quality of a picture of any person.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Some Open Secrets about the Photo Retouching Profession

One of the most lucrative careers for any budding photography enthusiast is to also become a photo retoucher. The skills are amazing simple to acquire. But to make it into an A-grade professional path it requires some more ‘tweaking’.

Is a ‘photo retoucher’ the same as an image editor? Yes. Photo processing studios have become busier as more people need to make their pictures perfect.  There are personal and professional reasons why many people seek the photo retoucher for making small or large adjustments in the photos already clicked. One of the major areas why a professional editor like this is needed is for rearranging the portfolio of super models. Wedding photos is another major sector where the services of a very good retoucher are required. And today the service spans to other industries where products can be made to look better.  With so many opportunities, it is essential for even an ordinary photo editor to upgrade and become a specialist in retouching. Just in case you are looking to add more panache to your own portfolio, here is some pretty good sent advice.

To become an expert one first learns to keep some secrets. Often when people come for retouching, they ask for removing blemishes, acne, making skin smooth and also making changes like cutting flab from various parts of the body contours. Well, there are more secrets that are entrusted with photo retoucher professionals.    And this is what makes the profession all the more interesting. Retouching is not always about air brushing or creating softness around the subject. It is much more than that. There are other delicate jobs also involved. Often in a hurry a model’s photos are clicked and only post-haste one realizes that the clothes were not even ironed properly. This can create a very bad impression. Sometimes, the photographer is so focused on shooting the subject that he forgets to move away the things and props in the background. So a glorified broom is needed after the shooting session.  All these irritants can pose problems. But thanks for Photoshop and the editors who can make the clean sweep.

To become a really good artist (read retoucher) adding a realistic value is essential. For example if the model insists that the waist has to be reduced, this could spell trouble. Even people who will see the picture with a small waist will not readily accept the waist size of a super model being that of a young girl. Care has to be taken at the post production level to make sure that the client is not asking for something that ‘is possible technically’ but really cannot be done ‘aesthetically’. A good professional will try to add a little imperfection to make the output real. In fact ‘too perfect a picture’ seems surreal and unrealistic. Avoiding bloomers prove to be beneficial in the long run for any professional.  

Often the job of retouching is done quietly. But now everyone knows that digital retouching is an open secret. So if the magazine allows, it is best to add the name of the photo retoucher to the end credits. When the credit of a story and visual can be given to the fashion editor, photographer, layout artist then why not the ultimate handler-the retoucher?