Friday, November 30, 2012

Photoshop Retouching with Competent Tools

Retouching is an art of adding simple effects over an existing photo to augment the overall impact.  Photoshop is most preferred tool for retouching for its competent tools that can sculpt the creativity out.

Photoshop is boon to image editors across the globe. Image retouching is done in varied grounds and the application is vast ranging from personal portraits to political propaganda. The actual results of retouching will end up in enhanced beauty of the image. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of professional approach to this effect.

Digital nose jobs:

The trend of doing cosmetic procedures by A-list models has popularized digital nose jobs. Simple steps of marquee tool and masking effect do this. By using the marquee tool, the area which has to be worked upon will be clipped and done with the required changes i.e. increasing / decreasing sizes or changing the skin tone etc. Once the required changes are done, the modified body part is taken back to the source image and placed back. In order to reduce the size of the nose masking effect can be used to make the upper lips visible and thereby shortening the nose size. Photoshop retouching can be done with other body parts like hips, thighs, and calf and bicep muscles. It is up to the imagination and discretion of the customer as which body part has to be digitally worked upon. It is vital to make sure the angle in which the photo, it should focus the area that has to be processed.

The clone stamp:

There is clone stamp tool in image editing software like Photoshop. Photoshop retouching can effectively achieved by cloning part or complete portion of any entity in that image. Repairing photos include distorted digital images as well as historical snap photographs. For snaps, lay it as flat as possible and scan it. Place a white paper as the background and scan. Once the image is converted to digital image format, use the clone stamp to erase of the distortion in the portion that doesn’t contain the main subject. These distortions could have been caused due to wear and tear. Press the ALT key and click on the place where there is no distortion.  The software will use the area surrounding the point where the mouse is clicked to create the clone in the affected area. Drag the mouse over the affected area. The software will replace the damaged part with undistorted portion.


Hardcore implementation of retouching is done in the field of model photography manipulations. The models are being captured in high end digital camera and then fed into computers to make the necessary changes in the face of the subject to make it attractive. Retouching is implied to remove scar, tans, pores and other undesirable points from the face. It is now need of the hour for a model portfolio to be “photoshopped”. Retouching need more patience and equal measure of skill. This technique can be used to correct facial anomalies, damages caused in the bygone photo snaps, create copies of same entity multiple times, and erase an entity off from the image etc. The art of Photoshop retouching is a great gain for digital image editors. Well, with various features retouch remains a blessing for image editing.


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